In lieu of recent monetary needs…


All commissions will be digital, full-body character portraits (so please have full-body refs ready!) I will decline a commission if I feel uncomfortable or if I do not believe I can complete it. Fictional and original characters are all game, but no real people, famous or otherwise. I will draw slightly NSFW requests but keep it somewhat tame for my mental sake.

Please pay through Paypal in USD!!

*Max of 3 characters in one commission!

Lines -$15 (+5 for extra characters)

Black and White - $20 (+5 for extra characters) 

Flats - $25 (+8 for extra characters) 

Celshade - $30 (+10 extra characters) 

Full Color -$40 (+12 extra characters)

*I will notify and discuss with you any additional prices before I begin the commission (ex. super complex character, large animal features, if you want a scene or specific background, etc)

*I will start the commission once payment has been made in full

*Personal use only for these drawings, please. If you want to use them commercially please contact me about it

*Please contact me through my e-mail:


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